Cashew nut mayonnaise (ekadasi)

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mayonnaise from cashew nuts




2/3 cup cashew nuts, soaked,
lemon juice,
salt and pepper,
a pinch of asafoetida (asafoetida resin for ekadasi)
mustard seeds, crushed,
pinch of turmeric or curry, (without them, for ekadasi)
olive oil,
water, if necessary.


Nuts cover with water and soak them overnight. Drain water and put nuts into the blender with high speed and add the spices and oil. Start to mix and add water until you get a smooth paste or mayonnaise. If you do not have the nuts, you can use the soaked sunflower seeds or, in turn, soaked almonds, only the structure will be a little less creamy than the one with nuts. 😉


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