Black salt – Kala namak

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black salt - kala namak

Kala namak is a type of rock salt, salty and pungent-smelling condiment used in India. It is actually pinkish grey rather than black color. Black salt is obtained from the volcanic regions of Pakistan and India.

This spice is also very popular in the western world, especially for vegans and vegetarians.

According to ayurveda  black salt calms vata, and increases pitta and kapha. It has warming effects on the body. In ayurveda it is considered that black salt helps better digestion of food.

Milled with ajwain and lemon juice, black salt can help in balancing the digestion of food. A few pinches of black salt and 1/8 teaspoon of ground roasted roman cumin can be used to make digestive lassi drink.


With black salt and extra virgin olive oil you can spice up your favorite dishes, and salads like arugula salad (rocket salad), carrots and olives salad, fresh tomato salad etc.

When you get used to its particular taste and smell, nothing will ever be good enough without kala namak;-)

According to the Indian medical science, Ayurveda, black salt is very healthy food.

Ayurveda believes that black salt :

is good source of iron,

improves digestion,

helps prevent bloating and constipation,

prevents heartburn,

improves vision,

rejuvenates the body.


kala namak


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