7 million vegetarians in America

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Although Americans eat about one-sixth of the total amount of meat eaten in the world, veganism and vegetarianism have more and more supporters. While there are about one million vegans, there are about 7 million vegetarians. Vegetarians are almost evenly divided between the sexes, while vegans are many more among the women. While the decline in meat consumption of about 12% in recent years, is probably the most affected by health problems, there is more and more environmentally conscious people and those who stop to eat meat because of concerns about the animals.


Many scientific researches continually confirms multiple health benefits of vegetarianism. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants and good phytochemicals and vegetable fibers have a protective role in preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer. A vegetarian diet contains less saturated fat and more omega-6 fatty acid, which has a favorable effect on the optimal level of fat in the blood. Such a diet prevents diabetes and in those who already suffer from diabetes, such a diet contributes to a healthier level of blood sugar. Excessive intake of red meat is directly related to colon cancer and vegetarian diet helps to prevent that disease. Conclusion is that vegetarian and vegan diets can provide optimal health, and yet no one had to die because of our empty stomach 🙂


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