4 spices in the fight against many diseases

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Iron is a mineral that is often lacking in a vegetarian diet , and rosemary needles hide a real abundance of this mineral . If the body does not get enough iron , we can expect that you will suffer of fatigue and anemia . So, we can just put some rosemary in the tomato sauce when we make pizza or fried him  shortly on the oil along with other spices in preparing our favourite vegetarian vegetable meal.


The name of this spice comes from the Greek word basileus and it means king basil , considered in that way basil to be the king of spices . Basil is indispensable in Italian cuisine , and is very good in the various dishes with tomatoes . His role in food is important because he helps a lot in digestion of the heavier dishes .

He improves digestion , appetite , and is used to solve problems with bloating , wind and nausea . Also , basil treats inflammation of the kidneys and bladder , and the women often use basil for irregular menstruation .


Also, extract from basil lowers blood pressure.


This spice is indispensable in preparing pizzas and is very rich in minerals such as niacin , beta – carotene and copper , and he contains many other nutrients . Many researches shows that oregano is even 42 times richer in antioxidants than apples , four times better than blueberry, and 12 times better than orange.

Oregano, like basil and rosemary owns some kind of acid which is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage caused by free radicals . All this reduces the risk of cancer , heart disease , premature aging and atherosclerosis , and rosmarinic acid is a good ally against allergic asthma .

This fragrant spice is rich with antibacterial properties, which include oil , thymol and carvacrol . Researches say that this duo stops the growth of many bacteria, such as candida and many others.


This is one of the most versatile and most efficient plants . It is extremely capable in fighting against diabetes because it improves insulin activity . It is effective in repairing digestion and stimulates sweating and is very effective for problems with coughing . Cinnamon has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties just like antibacterial . Numerous studies say  that cinnamon can help reduce the risk of some cancers , and may reduce blood pressure , cholesterol , and the amount of body fat. For the positive effect of cinnamon is enough half tablespoon of cinnamon per day . It can be mixed with one tablespoon of honey.


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