4 indicators that your life has a lot of toxins

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You may read this because you have a slight feeling that something is not as it should be. Maybe you do not feel as good as it once or food that was once satisfied our body and gave him power now seems just the opposite . Only when we stop to listen to the whispers of our body, that resulted with real problems .

Balance or equilibrium is the basis for all levels of our health . Our body is like a symphony orchestra playing harmonious symphony – all based on the balance. But daily stress triggers such as toxins, improper diet, lack of sleep and hate to work makes difficult our way in an attempt to reach this equilibrium. Instead, throw us into a toxic vortex. It is important to connect with our body in order to be able to hear his characters.
Here are some indications that in our life there are a lot of toxins that you can start listening today:

1. You are always full

Literally , because our bodies need to throw out trash every day. It includes a drain hose at least once a day. If you are not releasing the waste from your body , the toxins back into the bloodstream and can make a mess.

Tip: If you have problems with constipation, try drinking more water, exercising, taking a quality probiotic or herb tea such as tea of senna leaf.

2. You have a ” dirty mouth “

Bad breath is not just something that spoils the evening compound :-), it may also indicate that your body is full of toxins. It can occur due to bacteria in the mouth that release ‘ fragrant ‘ bioproducts. It also hints at how your liver and intestines have a problem with the elimination of toxins .


Tip: You can start using tongue cleaner (see also http://www.vegetarianplate.com/tongue-cleaning/)  in order to eliminate the bacteria that cover your tongue. Also, try to take fresh herbs such as parsley and coriander, which are fantastic detoxifiers of the liver. There’s a reason why they are used as a garnish of food.

3. You have a ‘ very good ‘ flair

If you have severe reactions to fragrances such as perfumes or smoke, that may indicates that you have toxins in your body. Many times we become hypersensitive to external odors if our liver has a problem with eliminating various toxins from our bodies. When the roads for detoxifying our bodies are closed then our senses becomes sharpened and can cause reactions such as headaches and nausea .

Tip: Support your liver with herbs such as thistle (thistle milk and thistle roots) , which can be consumed as a tea . You can try a popular practice detoxifying with castor oil. This good old advice is a great tool to help alleviate unpleasant symptoms of detoxification.

4. Excess pounds are just not melting

There are many reasons for resistance to losing weight. ‘ Going crazy ‘ hormones, improper diet, and you already guessed it, toxins are also one of them. There are many toxins that our bodies stored them in fat cells, such as dioxins, PCBs, and many pesticides as lipophilic. When the body is overloaded with them, it may be impossible to discard the extra weight .

Tip: The key is to make sure that the body properly flushes toxins. This means improving the body ‘s natural ability to do so and find a balance. Some safe way of cleaning or detoxification can help, but reducing the exposition to toxins is also super important . Select a clean, organic foods whenever possible and make sure to get a good sweat (exercise), defecate , moisturise your body (drink lots of water, lukewarm water if possible)  and be sure for quality of what you breathe every day.


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