3 natural antibiotics to help fight infections

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Grapefruit seed extract

As far as you trying to strengthen your immune system, however sometimes you can get some infections.

In this case, medicine recommends taking antibiotics.

Unfortunately, antibiotics are not harmless because along with pathogenic bacteria they also destroy millions of “good” bacteria, which are essential for proper digestion.

But there is an alternative – natural antibiotics, which can also help with the infection, but  they are not harmful to health.

It is up to you to choose what type of antibiotic you will use.


Grapefruit seed extract
Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic derived from grapefruit seeds.

It has long been observed that something in grapefruit has effect on bacteria. BioChem Research (California) has conducted numerous studies, which confirmed that the grapefruit seed extract acts on bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.


This amazing substance is relatively inexpensive and can be used both internally and externally.

So far, bacteria have not developed resistance (immunity) to this natural antibiotic.


Of the many benefits of garlic the most famous is its antibacterial properties. From history we learn that garlic is used in the fight against the plague and other epidemics.

Its antibacterial properties are studied for several centuries. In the 19th century, Louis Pasteur in the laboratory has confirmed that garlic kills bacteria. Modern research confirms that garlic is effective against many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Wright State University compares the effectiveness of garlic with penicillin. Unlike modern antibiotics, bacteria do not develop resistance to the garlic.


Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver water is a natural, safe, non-toxic antibiotic effective in killing more than 650 pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. Before 1934, (discovery of penicillin), silver was the only cure for many diseases.

In 1983, the Ministry of Health of the United States has recognized colloidal silver as a harmless drug, which can be obtained without a prescription. However, the rapid development of industry and antibiotics, silver was forgotten.

It has been scientifically proven the power of colloidal silver ion water as antibiotic substances and effective agents against all infections.


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